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Configuring AutoTask integration with M-Files

1. Introduction

Certain object types can be replicated from AutoTask to M-Files. Currently, the replication of accounts, contacts and projects are supported.

2. Replicating objects from AutoTask to M-Files

AutoTask offers WebServices interface to read record from their database. M-Files supports this interface too. For the integration, you will to place AutotaskSource.dll onto M-Files Server.

2.1.1 Registry settings

Set the following values to M-Files Server Windows Registry:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



"Path"="C:\\Program Files\\M-Files\\AutoTask\\AutotaskSource.dll"


2.1.2 Connections to External Database

To replicate items from AutoTask to M-Files, you can use the standard Connection to External Database feature.

OLE DB Connection String:

M-Files extension={743A122C-1894-4F97-9127-A59EA6246AF7};url=; username=<AutoTask Username>;password=<AutoTask Password>;

SELECT Statements:




Note: If it seems that the connection does not work, try to generate a new GUID for the DLL. Autotask webservice URL depends on your Autotask configuration. Please refer to Autotask API documentation for more info on that.

3. Showing M-Files content from AutoTask

You can open any M-Files view or virtual folder from AutoTask UI using LiveLinks. LiveLinks do not support M-Files URL’s directly. As a workaround you can create open.asp page on your web server that can be called through http and https, that basically just redirects the M-Files URL. You can pass M-Files URL to this page as GET parameter.

3.1 Settings up M-Files URL conversion page

To support LiveLinks you need to publish open.asp and close.html for the users in your network. Close.html just closes the open window.

3.2 Gathering required information for LiveLinks

In this chapter, we create ”Show documents in M-Files” button to customer card in Autotask. When user press this button, M-Files shows all documents related to that customer in a new window.

3.2.1 Get document vault GUID

Document vault GUID can be seen by taking properties of Document Vault in M-Files Server Administrator. Write down this GUID. In this chapter we use 1C483154-2238-45D0-823A-95C4FE39F5EC as a sample value.

3.2.2 Enable browsing for objects of customer object type.

Since, we are going to use Built-in views in this example, open properties of customer object type and enable browsing to documents from Customers.


This creates a new built-in view in vault showing documents by customer.

3.2.3 Customer object type id

Customer object type id is used as a parameter in M-Files URL’s. To check the id of customer object type, browse to Metadata Structure (Flat View) / Object Types:


Then check the object type id of customer object.

3.2.4 Check the id of built-in view

Take properties of the built-in view M:\Vault\Built-in\<Customer object type>-0\<Customer object type>-0\ and write the view id down.


3.2.5 Construct an M-Files URL to open the customer view

With document vault GUID, customer object type id and built-in view id you can construct a LiveLink to M-Files. In this example, a view containing documents tagged to customer with AutoTask id 29694328 could be opened using the following URL:


When using LiveLinks, you can set dynamic parameters to links. In this case Account Id would vary based on the selected customer:

Login to AutoTask and Navigate to Home / Admin / LiveLinks Designer

Create a new LiveLink and fill in the form as illustrated below:


Note: The base url = https://<path to open.asp>/open.asp?mfurl=m-files://viewid/1C483154-2238-45D0-823A-95C4FE39F5EC/242/136-

Then add the id to be ACCOUNTID.



Then select the users and groups you want to publish the livelink to.

4. Using integration

4.1.1 Replicating items from AutoTask to M-Files

M-Files synchronizes new, deleted and modified items from AutoTask automatically. You can manually refresh the listing by using the refresh list feature in metadata card or Refresh External Objects in Settings menu.

4.1.2 Opening M-Files views from AutoTask UI

Note: Add your Autotask web site to trusted sites in IE.

To open documents related to selected customer, just open the customer card in AutoTask and use Show documents in M-Files LiveLink:


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