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Project Description
Connector project to read data from Autotask to M-Files using the connections to external databases. Using the connector you can e.g. replicate accounts, contacts and projects from Autotask to M-Files.

M-Files is a Windows-based document management system (DMS) that greatly values user-friendliness. Traditionally you have been able to link data from external databases to M-Files using OLE DB or ODBC connections. In M-Files version 8 a new interface was introduced -- the interface allows 3rd parties to write plugins to handle the data transfer between M-Files Server and the external data source. This allows e.g. connecting M-Files to read and write data from/to cloud-based solutions that offer webservice interfaces.

Autotask offers a webservices interface to read records from their database. For the integration to work, you need to place the compiled dll on the computer running M-Files server, and configure Windows registry. Then with pseudo-SQL statements you can read e.g. the account, contact and project information.

Using M-Files URLs you can link Autotask UI to open M-Files views.

For documentation, please refer to the documentation page ( of this project. Additional discussion regarding this can be found on M-Files Community. This project is not officially supported by M-Files Corporation, so please direct all your questions and comments to the M-Files Community forum.

Resources: Autotask API documentation (


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